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Hullám-Pack Ltd is a company producing corrugated products. The stabile custom of the company represents the whole scale of end users of packaging materials. Our company is a well-known packaging company with good references in professional circles, and supplies also a wide range of services, not just packaging materials. For example:

  • designs boxes
  • organizes packaging systems
  • gets making graphical planning
  • provides needed production tools for printing and producing
  • packaging the products professional and transferring it to the asked place of using till the asked terms

There is a very effective production by our firm. Our producing machines are very flexible and able to change the items fast and also to change small items as well.
The company is - according to its turnover - a middle-sized company in Hungary. It is a consequence of a dynamic improvement.
Nowadays , several halls of 3500 m2 and manufacture of our products 14,000 m2 premises.
As the business is successful, company makes investments continuously.
Buying new machines, in order meet the modern market requirements.
The geographical placing of the premises enables the company to enlarge its market share in satisfactory of packaging needs by all segments of industry and services.
The most important products of the firm are corrugated products, - which are very good advertisement carriers as well - boxes with printing or sheet-mounting.
Ltd is producing different corrugated cardboard boxes mainly for light, chemical and food industry in glued or stitched structure. Important products are pads for boxes, trays and cut-out boxes (die-cuts) made of corrugated cardboard.